Simplifying the Youth Sports Tournament Experience

How it Started


Have you ever been part of a team that has a weekend tournament coming up and you are packing for the entire family (don’t forget the swimsuits), running to the grocery store for food and drinks, making the potluck dish for the team, booking the hotel and gassing up the car – all the while trying to do your full-time job? Then you suddenly remember the sign-up genius that went out about contributing to the swag bags for the kids. And then imagine if you were the team manager or team parent that has to coordinate those swag bags.

Tournaments are fun. We know how super excited our kids get to play together as a team and bond outside of game time – especially staying up late swimming in the hotel pool. But we also know how much of a grind the tournaments can be on everyone. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to go to do all your one-stop shopping that would eliminate the coordination and headaches? That’s why we created Tourney Experience. Your team has the option to choose between a variety of different swag and nutrition packages that will be packed for you and delivered to your location of choice.